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Dog Activities

Activities that you would like to share with your dog.

Agility Competition: Dogs negotiate a series of obstacles and jumps.
Companion Dog: Good with people.
Competitive Obedience: Programs with specific obedience skill requirements.
Guarding: Protecting family and property.
Guide for the Blind: Leading blind people safely in public places.
Handicapped Assistance: Helping hearing impaired, or physically or emotionally impaired people.
Herding: Moving livestock.
Hunting: Hunting any kind of animal.
Jogging: Constant running for 20 or more minutes.
Lure Coursing: Sighthounds chase plastic lures pulled through a field.
Performing Tricks: "Shake hands", "speak", balancing a ball on the nose, playing basketball, etc.
Pointing: Indicating the location of game by freezing into a "pointing" position.
Retrieving: Bringing sticks, balls, downed birds or other things back to the owner.
Schutzhund: A dog sport that includes tracking, obedience and protection.
Search & Rescue: Seeking survivors at disaster sites; finding lost people.
Sighting: Some breeds, like salukis and afghans, hunt by sight.
Snow Sled Pulling: For racing or just for fun.
Tracking: Following a scent trail.
Watchdog: Barking to indicate the presence of an intruder.
Water Rescue: Rescuing people from water.
Weight Pulling: A competitive sport where the dog pulls increasing amounts of weight. Carting is also fun—this is where the dog pulls passengers riding in a cart.